Consolidated team of professionals

Nisotec has a consolidated team of professionals with extensive experience in yacht maintenance. Being the main guideline of the company the quality of the service, in addition to the immediate response to any failure.

Our commitment

A written commitment to carry out the entire installation within the established deadlines and maintaining the qualities offered.

From the beginning of the services to their completion, the monitoring of the execution deadlines of the different works to be carried out with an exhaustive follow-up (work planning).

The 2-year written guarantee of the final quality of the service.

Maximum quality in its service, certifying the processes by Quality organizations.


GIM (computerized maintenance management)

Using this tool, the maintenance options are very broad, controlling and scheduling corrective, conductive and predictive maintenance of vessels and installed equipment.

The possibilities of real-time analysis and census of all elements susceptible to maintenance are very extensive, drastically reducing incidents on the boat..

Nisotec offers different lecels of maintenance adapted to each boat.

Nisotec offers 24/7 service as well as remote and in-person assistance.


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